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Look as good as you sound: Indie band album photo & video shoot

Aside from earnestly writing, recording, rehearsing and gigging, there are occasions when musicians, songwriters and performers get the chance to do something a bit more frivolous.

While the music creating aspect is a truly wonderful and joyful process, it can also be full-on; intense, involved and all-consuming. As a result of this self-absorption, it can be all too easy for indie bands to de-prioritise the ‘visual’ side of making music - the essential PR that conveys who their band is ‘in here’ to the big wide world ‘out there’. But professional-quality band photos - and videos - are now seen as being just as important as the music a band makes.

Realising this, Kafkadiva enlisted the expert know-how of professional photographer and videographer, Pete Riley of Spooky Nook Creative, and set out into the wilds of Derbyshire to shoot some promo shots and video footage ahead of the release of their new album, Dysfunctionormal.

“Pete offered up some inspired location ideas,” said front-woman, Louise, “and so we headed off, storm-chaser-style, to a seemingly remote spot in rural Derbyshire to strut our ‘Kafkadivery’ stuff…in a field somewhere…at sunset. We had such a blast doing it!”

Bass player Steve added, “Pete’s input has been invaluable and we’re so grateful to him for that. As a pro photographer - and a fellow musician - we knew he’d have the knowledge and experience to deliver something that fits us really well.”

On the day of the shoot, dark rainclouds offered a dramatic, moody backdrop and then delivered an unexpected rainbow to boot - and the setting sun didn’t disappoint either. “People might not believe the rainbow was real,” quipped drummer, Tony, “but then Lou’s wayward hairdo surely proves we got a bit wet [laughs]!”. The cheek!

Frizzy locks aside, Kafkadiva obtained a set of professional and atmospheric band shots that suit their unique and eclectic, quirky-bluesy-rocky sound down-to-the-ground. But more frivolity awaits as the band have a weekend video-shooting session still to look forward to over the coming days which will complete their promo material before Dysfunctionormal comes out in September 2018.

Kafkadiva wishes to thank Pete Riley for all his help, support and input. You can check out more of his photography by clicking here…and to listen to the musical projects he's involved in click here and here.

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