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Since the release of Dysfunctionormal on September 14th 2018, Kafkadiva have received impressive comments and reviews.

Kafkadiva contemporaries have said:

"Kafkadiva - a band I would thoroughly recommend you make the time to discover, consist of my ex-band mates and dear friends, Louise Wilson, Tony Norris and Steve Chilton. Their latest album “Dysfunctionormal” contains everything I love and admire about the art of making an album. First of all, the production (as in the recording, arranging, mixing and mastering) is silky smooth, spacious, totally about the music, beautifully balanced and I would imagine has been obsessed over day and night for months on end, as is the way. (Kudos to John Meredith on production duties).

Twelve tracks of quintessential Englishness played by three musicians who clearly just love what they’re doing. Bass and drums, again - totally about the compositions, work so well together in their simplicity (and I mean that as huge compliment) using restraint and space to allow every track on this album to breathe (“In Sheep’s Clothing” and “Living On Froth” for example).

I love the guitars; melodic, rhythmic, so many great tones, cracking riffs and little nuances that you just know are as important as every other part. Listen to the beautifully atmospheric track “Catch Me” not least for the guitar parts. It’s the most anthemic and atmospheric song on the album and should last around another 3 minutes in my book (and maybe include something by David Gilmour!). But that’s not what Kafkadiva are about. These songs come at you, do great things to you and then go to make room for another one right behind it. It’s the pop music sensibility but with a depth and sophistication that makes you want to lean-in for more.

It makes it all the more special listening to great music when you actually know the people making it. They are 3 of the nicest people you could wish to meet and they are passionate about what they do. There’s no pretence, not even an obvious influence, which is quite rare - just heartfelt writing and infectiously joyful playing.

Apart from her beautiful voice, musicianship and amazing ear for melody, Lou is an incredible lyricist with the ability to cram humour, tragedy, joy, pathos, pity and steely sarcasm all into one line never mind a whole song! When she sings, she means it, you can almost hear the look on her face.
Have a listen, you’ll see what I mean!".

Andy Nixon. Freedom to Glide, Badfinger UK.

"Looking for a fun album that’s full of surprise, quirky songs, great modern music and witty lyrics? Search no more, here’s the new Kafkadiva album! It’s hard to pick a song from such a diverse album, because they all have their own personality, from jazzy, to pop to quirky rock to latin. Being an old softy marshmallow, I had to pick “How Long”, with its soft rock groove bordering jazz territory, mellow guitars and lovely harmonies. The sound is lush, and the production is particularly well thought of, which is true of the whole album, with hooks galore and clever arrangements, and rhythms that groove and sway. The musicianship on display here is pretty obvious whichever song you pick as your favorite. Whatever your taste, you’re bound to find something to love in that new album!"

Ghostly Beard

"After only hearing this album a couple of times I find that every track on it is truly outstanding - not something I'd say about every record I've ever purchased. But in the case of Dysfunctionormal, it's a statement of fact. It's near on impossible to pick out any one song from this album as a favourite, but 'Catch Me' with its simplicity, moving lyrics, incredible vocals and backing vocals together with perfect execution has just pipped the others to the post thus far. Go listen to this album and order your copy today!".

Pete Riley, 'Freedom to Glide'

“A very fine album indeed. Superbly sung, superbly played. Really struck by the maturity of the lyrics - even though the usual understated KD humour is still present and correct on some of the songs. Music for grown-ups! Love it!”.

Paul Grunill, DJ

“Stunning album. “Nobody” is quite the earworm!”. 

Titus Jennings, DJ.

Kafkadiva fans have said:

“Friggin awesome! CD arrived today and I absolutely love it! Great piece of work, guys! Musically accomplished and diverse with great hooks, riffs, musicianship and songwriting, as well as great vocals from Louise Wilson. You all deserve a great pat on your backs and thank you for the great music”. Jason Shipp

"Your album is brilliant, love love love it, Louise's voice is just so sexy, and the music/beats/rhythm are all fabulous. Well done to you all." Tracy Barrie 

"Loving this!! Indie pop rock at it's very British Best."

Guru Murphinda 

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