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A UK indie band's indie album journey...

Kafkadiva shooting their recent music video for 'Girl On Top'

As any indie artist will know, the creation of a new release, especially a full album, is a true labour of love. Hours and hours of painstaking work spent in deep concentration (often in the hours of darkness while, seemingly, the rest of the world sleeps) aiming to achieve the best end result possible on a shoestring budget. The modern day indie artist can but dream of spending weeks at a time in a professional studio creating a masterpiece with a producer who has endless patience and years of experience under their belt. Fortunately for Kafkadiva, John 'Wild Man' Meredith of Arm Your Ears has exactly that and is happy to work remotely!

Tony Norris (drummer) and Louise Wilson (singer/guitarist) have worked with John for over twenty years. John has seen them grow from bright-eyed, optimistic, musically-compelled 'youths' into the well-rounded (in more ways than one!) mature songwriters and recording artists they have become.

Since releasing their first album, 'Big Toes & Fingers', in 2010, Kafkadiva have definitely developed and most certainly matured. Their new album, 'Dysfunctionormal', is now well-on-the-way to completion and promises to remain true to their 'quirky-funky-jazzy-bluesy-dancey-rock-pop - with a twist' classification comprising an eclectic array of songs ranging from sensitive ballads with soaring harmonies to satirical and lyrical riffy, hooky, blues-influenced rock.

"We figure...", says Louise, "that if we can write songs, we may as well write in any and every style we can. It didn't scare The Beatles and The Beatles always sounded like The Beatles!". Steve Chilton (bass player) is a huge Beatles fan and is quick to add, "We don't compare ourselves to the Beatles musically...or in any way, that'd be insane [laughs] but just take inspiration from their musical diversity. They were never samey, never predictable and yet always true to themselves. We all love that and take inspiration from it.".

'Dysfunctionormal' is coming soon! Listen out for teasers which will be taking to the airwaves in the coming weeks. And if you're not yet familiar with Kafkadiva's unique sound and style, check out 'Big Toes & Fingers' at Better still, if you love new music and like what you hear, buy it and support this up-coming indie band. You'll be glad you did.


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