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Indie artist album running order. Decisions, decisions….

Even after completing the epic marathon that is the recording and mixing of our twelve latest original songs for Kafkadiva’s imminent new album, ‘Dysfunctionormal’, the intensity continues!

Deciding on a final running order is no easy task. For our first album, ‘Big Toes & Fingers’, we collectively decided to pair tracks which complemented one-another in order to achieve a natural flow - and it worked out well. So-much-so that at no time since have any of us looked back and wished we’d done anything differently.

However, ’Dysfunctionormal’ is rather different. Apart from having hugely grown as songwriters and musicians in recent years, there’s a clear development in our band sound since the early days of ‘Big Toes & Fingers’; it has become fuller and more ‘rounded’ over time resulting in a more assertive, self-assured, confident and defined finish while still maintaining Kafkadiva’s trademark lyrical honesty and musical diversity.

Some say to ‘hook ‘em in early’ with a catchy, commercial opener and others suggest to take the listener on a gradual musical journey. Of course, it’s all subjective and each group of songs is totally unique. But, whatever we go on to decide, we’ll be immensely proud to release our latest collection of songs to you knowing that our heart and soul went into creating and producing them.

And so our mission to achieve the album running order that’s perfect for our music continues…and all will be revealed very soon!

One thing’s for certain, it’ll be 100% Dysfunctionormal!

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