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Dysfunctionormal? Kafkadiva? You bet!

Eighteen months after embarking on the recording of our new album, Kafkadiva excitedly announce that ’Dysfunctionormal’ is almost complete! With only two mixes outstanding, we are but a few short weeks away from unleashing our latest quirky, catchy clutch of compositions on the world at large.

Why ‘Dysfunctionormal’? Well, why not? After all, there’s no real word in the Oxford English Dictionary that could describe our music any better and we make no apology for it. Besides, it’s the title track. So there.

Joking aside, we’re very proud of our music at Kafkadiva HQ. Every song contains lyrical (often satirical) truths that listeners can identify with. Combine that with hooky melodies and catchy choruses, throw in some moreish riffs and a meringue for good measure (Mary Berry approved) and, bingo, you have a Dysfunctionormal album.

Can’t wait for you to hear it!

Kafkadiva. Dysfunctionormal. And loving it!

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