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Making an Indie Album: Kafkadiva's ‘Dysfunctionormal’ Cover Art and CD Packaging Choices…

The recording phase of a new album for any indie band or artist is but the first leg of a long-haul journey. Here at Kafkadiva HQ, even after completing the mixing and mastering of our twelve latest tracks which make up our second album, ‘Dysfunctionormal’, we’ve found ourselves wholly immersed in many other essential elements.

Things like cover design, CD duplication vs replication, digital distribution, obtaining ISRC codes for our new recordings and the registration of our songs with PRS (here in the UK) prior to the release of our latest bundle of original tunes are all highly important issues and take time to implement.

Cover Art

We’ve opted for artwork designed by a professional artist for our album cover which not only visually conveys the diversity of our music but is also eye-catching, impactful, interesting and which suits our musical sound and style. We love the result and feel sure that you will too (all will be revealed soon!). We know that this will prove to be a very worthwhile investment in that it will help our album to get noticed and stand out - both in the physical and digital marketplaces.

Album Packaging

The environment is an important issue to all three of us in Kafkadiva and the impact of plastic on our world is very much in the headlines - and rightly so. Whilst we want to make our mark on the world with our music, we do not wish to leave a trail of plastic in years (possibly millennia) to come.

Therefore we have selected the plastic-free ‘Ecopak’ as the packaging for our new ‘Dysfunctionormal’ album. So, aside from the actual CD itself, there will be no plastic to be seen…no jewel case, no shrink-wrap, no laminates, now’t!

We just can’t wait to reveal the finished article to you in the coming weeks!

Why not connect with Kafkadiva on social media? Simply ‘like’ us on Facebook and ‘follow’ us on Twitter to get updates on our imminent new release direct to your feed. We’ll see you there soon!

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